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Hotmail is one of the oldest and fittest mailing services to date. Businesspersons and students started their mailing career with Hotmail. Even Hotmail was the only source of an open platform and user-friendly mailing platform back in 2003, and it is still running.

Hotmail brought the revolution of paperless communication in the world. Nearly 400 million people are using Hotmail not just because Hotmail is one of the oldest mailing sources, but it offers exceptional and efficient service to the communication industry.

Many people are aware of the fact to create a Hotmail account, but for the newcomers, we have sequentially placed the instructional manual on how to make an account in Hotmail by Hotmail Login.

Features of using Hotmail Login AccountHotmail login panel

With the advancement of email technology, Hotmail has increased the number of followers from 100 million users to 400 million users. In this lifetime, Hotmail has never received any kind of negative feedback related to the privacy of any account. So let us see the ample number of efficient features provided by Hotmail.

  • Fast service for Email: The central aspect of creating Hotmail was done by keeping in view the revolutionary transformation of paperless communication to mail communication over the internet. The credibility of Hotmail increased as they provide the fastest means of transferring messages, files, and documents. This process enhances communication to be more rapid and effective.
  • Support from Microsoft: The collaboration of Microsoft and Hotmail added a new and charismatic feature to the world of mailing service. Users have witnessed that using Microsoft Word was a time taking process. However, when Hotmail offered the same user with Microsoft office within the email user interface, things turned out to be hassle-free.
  • Folder to maintain privacy and sorting: Users tend to use one Hotmail email id for different services. At times users get confused while searching for something important. So to make the burden less, Hotmail has got a personal folder feature. These are customizable folders that allow you to categorize the envelope in different sections. Hotmail enables you to edit the files, using a color implementation in case of any presentation and many more additional features.
  • Link Hotmail to your social networking sites: As a user, you must look for syncing your social media accounts to Hotmail accounts. This feature will allow you to have precise control over “contact management,” “event management,” and many other additional activities. On the other hand, Hotmail Email ID sync allows you to get the ease of finding people over the internet.

Hotmail Login Procedure –

If you want to create a Hotmail account, then let us tell you that creating a Hotmail account is the easiest thing to do as we have said that Hotmail wants its users to get familiar with the mailbox interface. So Microsoft outlook has made a user-friendly Hotmail Login structure. So let us see the process.

  1. Start the process by login into Microsoft outlook to get access to Hotmail Sign or Hotmail Login.
  2. Once you are done with the Outlook access, you will be redirected to the Hotmail sign up page and click on the create account login
  3. You need to create your Hotmail Email account name and create a password. It is worthwhile to say that the password should contain a combination of alphabets, digits, and symbols.
  4. Once you have accomplished the above-stated procedure, you have completed 50% of the total process.
  5. Hotmail will ask you whether you are interested in getting promotional mails or not. The promotion emails are sent from Microsoft.
  6. You will be asked to mention the following details.
  • Email ID
  • Username
  • Personal information.
  • Details regarding your address.

These details are most important for Hotmail to maintain the privacy and security aspects of its users.

  1. After you have completed all the process correctly, you need to check and confirm all the details and then click ok.
  2. Hotmail will send you an email or a text, to ensure that the Hotmail account is in safe hands.

Hotmail provides one of the most straightforward processes of transferring emails, and just within a couple of years of launching Hotmail all over the world, it gained the attention of Microsoft. Hotmail and Microsoft collaborated to form one of the unique mailing services.

Hotmail Sign Up – Create Your Hotmail Account at

As you have completed the Hotmail Login procedure by creating an account, now it’s your turn to use the access of Hotmail from anywhere you feel like. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Opt for
  • There you will see that the user interface is asking for your email ID and Password.
  • You see a tab that you have witnessed while creating your Hotmail account for the Hotmail Signup process.
  • Insert the email ID and password. As soon as you have completed the process, you will get full access to the Hotmail account.

Now you are free to send your email from Hotmail.

How to login to Hotmail from your Mobile?

Using your PC and laptop every time you receive an email is a real burden. However, it looks much more efficient and less time consuming if you login to Hotmail from your Smartphone.

The collaboration of Microsoft and Hotmail has given the user the most exceptional mode of hand to hand compatibility. So what are the steps to login into Hotmail from your Mobile phone?

  • If you are using an android phone, then go to play store and download the Microsoft outlook.
  • Once you have downloaded the application, proceed ahead by giving your Hotmail email Id and Password.
  • If you desire, then save the password and the email address.

You must know that saving the email address and password is a worthwhile thing to do, as it helps to use the account in case you forget the correct password. 

Tips For Hotmail Sign in 

As a first time user, you must create a unique password and Email Id. More than 400 million people are using the Hotmail account. Keep a unique password, for example, “Ayush%20111995“. This can be a robust password containing your name as Ayush, and the name is separated by “%” followed by the date of birth.

So now we think that you have got clear and precise information for Hotmail Login. What are you waiting for?? Go and create a Hotmail account to stay connected with the outside world?

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